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I’ll just go ahead and say it: The George Foreman Grill may be the greatest human achievement. It cooks fast and even, cleans up great, and costs less than most counter-top grillers. He should get a Nobel prize or something.

The only problem with it is… it’s called “The George Foreman Grill”. So when you’re doing a quiz where, given the name of a product, you name the celebrity with which that product is associated, it kind of gives it away.

These other products aren’t so obvious. Given a description of an actual, available, commercial product, name the famous celebrity who is, in whole or part, responsible for it’s creation and/or success. I may throw in a hint about the celebrity here and there…

1) THE OCEAN’S THERAPY CENTRIFUGE. Used to seperate oil from water after a tanker spill, this product was developed by a company purchased by the star in the wake of the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster (a ship which featured prominently in one of this celeb’s films). The company hit it big after the Deepwater Horizon disaster, when BP purchased several devices.
2) MEN’S HOUSE SHOES TWO OH: Luxurious slippers, also available in ladies sizes. These are velvet outers, with printed paisley sock liners and silver embroidered art work. Perfect for kicking back and taking it easy. Really, really, easy. The website also sells the star’s music.
3) BEATS ELECTRONICS: Chiefly known for high-end, supposedly superior sounding headphones which to me resemble the massive plastic ear-smotherers of the ’70s, the rap star and procucer behind these ubiquitous fashion must-haves sold out to Apple for $3 Billion in 2014, buit he still got love for the streets.
4) DIAMOND ESTATES WINE: A label on it’s own, Niagara vinter Diamond Estates teamed up with a Canadian celeb and comedian to offer a range of “regionally inspired and modestly priced” plonk, including reds that “pair well with traditional BBQ fare”, whites that are “a wonderful choice with a crisp summer salad” and sadly, no blues.
5) BLACK PEARLS PERFUME: Also “White Diamonds”, “Diamonds and Rubies” and “Sparkling Diamonds”. Do you sense a theme? One of the first big celebs to launch a fragrance, this Silver Screen beauty launched her first scent, “Passion” in 1987.
6) HALO PET FOOD: The Halo pet food company had been around for twenty years before being purchased by this day-time TV star. Now specializing in vegan, all-organic, allergen-free food for the sensitive house beast, the company benefits from the star’s occasional live plugs on her show.
7) MANSINTHE: What does the discerning, death-obsessed, goth-rock icon of today offer his friends when they visit? Why, an exclusive brand of Absinthe, of course. A few hits of this and you’ll believe that you are one of the beautiful people, the beautiful people.
8) HAPPY BABY ORGANIC BABY FOOD: This brat pack actress purchased a major stake in a line of I’m-a-better-parent-than-you baby food products in 2011, more than a decade after her own children were young enough to benefit. Perhaps she was feeding them to her husband at the time.
9) CABO WABO TEQUILA: First it was a bar, then it was a bunch of bars, and eventually Cabo Wabo became a very successful line of Tequila, sold worldwide. So successful in fact, that the singer who founded the whole enterprise sold the booze (but not the bars) in 2007 for $80 Million. After drinking it, you should definitely not drive fifty-five.
10) ELIZABETH & JAMES CLOTHING: A spinoff of wildly successful fashion-label The Row, Elizabeth & James is a line of ‘contemporary’ clothing named after the siblings of The Rows founders and stars, a pair of twins known for TV work and direct-to-video films aimed at young girls. With twins plus two other kids, their home growing up must have been a … oh never mind.

QM Bill

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