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It’s a very special Trivialitycheck this week, as we take a break from our usual Wednesday and instead have a special Christmas Eve Treat. Answers to our most recent quiz (A POP MUSIC quiz, still time to answer) and a whole new quiz will both go out next Wednesday. In the meantime, enjoy a little Christmas Music trivia, courtesy of Trivialiitycheck’s very own drunken Christmas Elf, Todd J!

Thanks Todd!

1) Who was the American jazz pianist who wrote the music for “A Charlie Brown Christmas”?
2) Name one item Tom Petty wishes for at the end of “Christmas All Over Again”?
3) The writers of The Christmas Song would like to wish you a Merry Christmas – but only if you belong to what specific age bracket?
4) What Christmas song was originally recorded by British actor William H. Pratt, but has recently been covered surprisingly well by the Whirling Dervishes?
5) What American progressive rock band founded by Paul O’Neill is known primarily for their Christmas music?
6) Name the Christmas song originally recorded by Eartha Kitt but recently mangled by Madonna.
7) Numerous so-called ‘Christmas songs’ are not actually about Christmas at all. ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ is a rather obvious one; ‘Winter Wonderland’ perhaps less so. What does ‘Good King Wencelas’ celebrate?
8) What Christmas carol is based upon a poem by Longfellow?
9) ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ by Band-Aid was a 1984 effort by UK artists to address famine in Ethiopia. The success of the song resulted in copycats almost immediately: in 1985, USA For Africa released ‘We Are The World’. What was the song and the band name of Canada’s contribution?
10) What Christmas song by Trout Fishing In America, originally released on their 1988 album Stark Raving Trout, has since been removed from that album and is no longer included on any of their discography?

QM Bill

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