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That’s right, I said “Trekkies” instead of “Trekkers”. I was a “Trekkie” before the term “Trekker” even existed. I’m like a Star Trek Hipster. So there.

I usually try to keep my trivia light and general, so a broad range of people can play along with at least a chance of getting decent scores. This is NOT one of those quizzes.

These questions are all about the original series of Star Trek, and I think they are pretty tough. But don’t let that stop you from giving them the old Starfleet Academy try.

1) Occasionally visible on tubes and pipes inside Jeffries Tubes, what does the acronym “G.N.D.N.” stand for?
2) What class of ship is the U.S.S. Enterprice NCC-1701?
3) In “The Ultimate Computer”, Commodore Wesley calls Kirk “Captain Dunsel”, as a playful insult which nevertheless disturbs Kirk. What does “Dunsel” mean?
4) What three roles were played by Majel Barret in the original Star Trek series?
5) Which first season episode is set at the Tantalus V rehabilitation colony for the criminally insane?
6) What is the name of the vessel on which are found the hibernating bodies of Khan Noonian Singh and his crew?
7) Which award winning science fiction and television writer penned the original screenplay for “City On The Edge Of Forever”, and then spent the next forty years whining about Roddenberry’s edit of his work?
8) Which Trek writer and producer wrote the screenplays for “Errand Of Mercy” (thus creating the Klingons), “Arena” (thus creating the United Federation Of Planets”) and “Metamorphosis” which featured the first appearance of warp-drive inventor Zephram Cochrane?
9) What was the name of the Squire Of Gothos?
10) What is the name of the woman Kirk encounters on an otherwise deserted Enterprise, in the episode “The Mark Of Gideon”?
11) For which episode is a book entitled “Chicago Mobs Of The Twenties” the source of all the trouble?
12) In “City On The Edge Of Forever” what does Spock say he’s endeavouring to do, using ‘stone knives and bearskins’?
13) Who portrayed Dr. Miranda Jones, telepathic assistant to the Medusan ambassador Kollos?
14) Despite being engaged to Spock, who did T’Pring actually wish to marry?
15) What was the occupation of Jim Kirk’s brother, Sam, who died on Deneva?


QM Bill

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