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You lucky, lucky people. You know how you read my quizzes every week, and you think to yourself “these are fantastic, Bill, but I wish there were more sports questions”? Well hear you go!

This is actually a current evens quiz, but I got part way through compiling the questions and realized I had an unusal number of sporting news items to draw on. I actually put together two complete Current events quizzes: Ten questions on sports, and ten questions on other news. So, I thought to myself, why not have an extra large Current Events Quiz, with rather a lot of sports in it? And here it is!

Have you been paying attention recently?

1) Former Jeopardy champ Ken Jennings bombed out on which game show this past week, getting three of his first four questions incorrect and being eliminated very quickly?
2) Who ended a streak of 65 consecutive appearances at Grand Slam events by bowing out of the French Open this year?
3) Fans of the Tragically Hip, already upset about frontman Gord Downie’s recent cancer announcement, are now furious at what ‘third-party’ concert ticket reseller, which is actually a wholly-owned subsidiary of eBay?
4) In re-testing blood samples from the London 2012 Olympics, eight athletes from which country were found to have taken banned substances?
5) A senior muslim cleric from Saudi Arabia declared, in response to a question, that what activity is “prohibited if not for a necessity – not with cats, not with dogs, not with wolves, not with anything.”
6) The US Senate passed a non-binding resolution recently, calling for equal pay for what very successful sporting group?
7) What was left on the floor of an art museum in San Francisco, prompting patrons to examine it, take pictures, and generally discuss its merit as art, despite not being an actual exhibit?
8) Blue Jay Jose Bautista served a one-game suspension recently, as a result of his involvement in the bench-clearing brawl against the Texas Rangers. Which team did the Jays have to face without him?
9) In a recent interview, who said of the band Wings that they were “…terrible… weren’t a good group. People said, ‘Well, Linda can’t play keyboards’, and it was true.”
10) What player scored a 36-point game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, helping his team win that series and advance to the NBA championships?
11) What was the name of the gorilla which was shot and killed at the Cincinnati Zoo recently, in order to protect the life of a child which some TERRIBLE parent managed to let fall into the ape habitat?
12) What rookie driver won the Indianapolis 500 this year?
13) German pharmaceutical giant Bayer recently made a US$62 Billion dollar bid to purchase what global agri-business company, famous for controversial business practices and genetically modified crop seeds? (Sixty-Two Billion! Holy crap!)
14) What team defeated Atlético Madrid in a penalty shoot-out to win the UEFA Champions League final?
15) Gary Johnson, the former governor of New Mexico, secured the nomination for President Of The United States for which political party?
16) What iconic football (soccer) star announced he will auction off collections of medals, trophies, jerseys and other memorabilia in 1,500 individual online auctions?
17) What high-profile politician offered apologies for making a ‘gagging’ gesture, caught on camera, while Prime Minister Trudeau offered compliments to former PM Stephen Harper?
18) The World Health Organization issued a statement recently in which they downplayed the risk of what, and stated that it would not lead to the suspension of the Olympic Games?
19) What musical, which recently ended its Mirvish Productions run, was nominated for 10 Dora Mava Moore awards (like the Tony awards for Toronto)?
20) Which horse won the 2016 Preakness Stakes, ridden by jockey Kent Desormeaux?


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