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Happy New Year, everyone.

The Trivialitycheck schedule has been a little erratic over the holidays. My apologies. My brain was clearly in a rum-and-eggnog haze. Which is odd, because I don’t drink the stuff. But we’re back on track, now, and our regular Wednesday quizzes should resume.

And to help us kick things off, we’ve got a guest contributor! Hooray!

T. Gregory Argall is a playwright, author and comic book artist himself, so his expertise at the subject of comics shouldn’t be a surprise. And yet I have frequently been amazed at the level of detail he’s able to recall. So I said to him (I sez) “Tom, ” (I sez) “you should write a really tough comic book quiz for me.” And he did.

Like the Star Trek Trivia For Trekkies and May The Fourth Be With You quizzes before it, this quiz has at least a few questions specifically designed for those with in-depth knowledge of the topic. Be warned!

1) Stan Lee’s younger brother has also had an extensive career in comics, most notably writing the scripts for the first several Thor and Ant-Man stories, as well as an extended run as the writer/artist
for Rawhide Kid. What is his name?
2) Stephanie Brown, Carrie Kelley, and Jason Todd are among the characters who have assumed this crime-fighting identity.
3) What is the name of the race of shape-shifting aliens encountered in Fantastic Four issue #2?
4) William Moulton Marston, the inventor of a systolic-blood-pressure-measuring apparatus which was crucial to the development of the polygraph, is also the creator of what enduring comic book character?
5) The Daily Planet, the Metropolis newspaper where Superman works as Clark Kent, originally had a slightly different name and was based on a real-world newspaper. In fact, the look of the Daily Planet building was inspired by this real newspaper’s offices. What was the name of the real newspaper?
6) What are the names of Peter Parker’s parents and where did they work?
7) Who is Ted Sallis?
8) John Byrne, famous for his work with Chris Claremont on The Uncanny X-Men, and for DC’s post-Crisis relaunch of Superman, made a creator-owned comic series, originally published by Dark
Horse Comics, that many consider an homage to the X-Men. What was the title of the comic?
9) Preacher, the inspiration for the television show, was a comic series published under DC’s Vertigo imprint, and was created by what writer/artist team?
10) Amazon, Catsai, Dark Claw, Speed Demon, and Thorion were all characters in what mid-90’s inter-company publishing experiment?

QM Bill

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