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Everyone say hello and welcome to our third ever Guest Contributor!

T. Gregory “Tom” Argall is a noted writer and humourist whose plays have been produced on six continents, occasionally with his permission. C’mon Antarctica, what are you waiting for? He’s also the author & artist of a hilarious comic book, which you can read here.

But his best work ever is available here, today. Tom came up with this idea, and put (almost) the whole thing together all by his lonesome. And he’s kindly sharing it with us! Hooray, Tom!

We can often identify songs from the first couple of notes. There was a whole game show based on that idea. But what about the stuff that comes before the first notes?

The video below below features the very beginnings of ten songs that each start with something other than music. Sound effects, spoken word pieces, the band yelling at each other in the studio… the music kicks in either right after what you can hear in the clips, or it overlaps with the end of the clip.

For each tune, name the title and artist. Note: Tom wants me to be a stickler on the full name of the band and the full title of the song, including parenthesis. So when it comes to scoring blame him not me. And now, a one, two, a one-two-three-four…

QM Bill

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