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There’s a story about the actor David Niven. He was a Colonel during World War II, and was involved in the planning of D-Day. But because he was also a celebrity he turned up on various light entertainment radio broadcasts, including the original series Trans-Atlantic Quiz, progenitor of the long-running Round Britain Quiz. In the spring of 1944, we was trying to work out with his fellow quizzers when they could all be together again to record a new episode, and casually said “Of course, I might be on the other side by then”. He meant he might be in Europe for the invasion, and suddenly realized he may have just given away the date of the allied offensive. He stormed out of the studio and was violently ill.

There is no such pressure on you for this quiz. You may safely answer any and all of these questions pertaining to the Second World War.

1) The “official” start of WWII was September 1, 1939. But which two WWII combatant nations had already been at war for more than two years at that point, having started hostilities on July 7, 1937?
2) Planning for the D-Day landings and the subsequent Battle Of Normandy was conducted under what code name?
3) The signing of the surrender documents by the Japanese on September 2, 1945 took place aboard which American vessel?
4) At the time of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, who held the position of Prime Minister Of Japan, and gave the direct order for the attack to commence?
5) Which German Field Marshall was known by the nick-name “The Desert Fox”?
6) J.S. Woodsworth was the only Member of Canadian parliament to vote against declaring war on Germany. What political party did Woodsworth represent?
7) Propaganda from the R.A.F. during WWII said that their pilots had such good eyesight that they could shoot down enemy planes at night, and it was because they ate so many carrots. This was partially to encourage children to eat carrots (one of the few readily available foodstuffs during the war) and partially to keep what secret?
8) Operation Barbarossa was the code-name for NAZI Germany’s planned invasion of which country?
9) Operation Sealion was the code-name for NAZI Germany’s planned invasion of which country?
10) What was the code phrase used by the Japanese to signify “complete surprise” and that the attack on Pearl Harbor was successful?

QM Bill

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