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Another guest contributor! I get to be lazy again. Or still. Or, even lazier than normal, I guess.

Please welcome this week’s QM, Michel Plaxton, TV and Film producer extraordiniaire and long-time friend of the POP QUIZ. True fact: Michel has sent in responses to more POP QUIZzes than any other player. And for that alone, he would hold a special place in my heart. But on top of that, he has now contributed this excellent quiz:

From Michel:

“On this, the 3rd planet from our sun, we find it disheartening to come in second in any competition. But it’s even more of a bummer to come in third. Here’s my list of notable 3rd place finishers.”

1) In Canada’s third general election in 1874, who took the office of Prime Minister?
2) In a controversial moment at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, US medallists Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised their fists in the ‘black power’ salute while on the podium. The third man on the podium, the silver medallist, did not raise his fist. What country did he represent?
3) Who died in a motorcycle accident in July 1999 at age 69, despite having earlier in his life traveled 230,000 miles crash-free to become the third man to walk on the moon?
4) Who is commonly held to have been Henry VIII’s third wife?
5) What was the title of the third book in Douglas Adams’ “Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy” trilogy, of which there were five parts?
6) What was the third biblical plague of Egypt?
7) What is Newton’s Third Law Of Motion?
8) According to Hallmark, the ‘modern’ gift for a 3rd wedding anniversary should be crystal or glass. What is the ‘traditional’ appropriate gift for a 3rd anniversary?
9) In the original line-up of “My Three Sons”, what was the name of the third son, played by Stanley Livingston (I presume)? He was the youngest, until adopted Ernie came along.
10) Measuring by either diameter or mass, what is the third largest of Jupiter’s moons?

QM Bill

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