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History is a wonderful thing. It’s like something happened almost every day. Except for April 18, 1930. On that day BBC Radio (only seven years old at this point) announced that there was no news, and so played some light piano music instead of their normal newscast.

But USUALLY, something happens. If you look at any given date of the year – like today’s date, for example – there’s bound to be SOMETHING that happened.

All of these events happened on October 19. But not in the same year. And they weren’t all Wednesdays, either.

1) 202 BC: Which Carthaginian is defeated by Romans under Scipio at the battle of Zama? Sixteen years later he led an army over the Pyrenees and attacked the Roman Republic directly.
2) 1512: Which priest, monk and composer became a Doctor Of Theology? Five years later, he posts his Ninety-Five Theses on the door of All Saints’ Church, Wittenberg.
3) 1789: John Jay, who attended King’s College (which eventually became Columbia University) and obtained a law degree and had also served as President Of The Continental Congress and Ambassador to Spain, is sworn in as the first to hold what office?
4) 1900: Which physicist, born in Kiel (Germany, but at the time the Duchy of Holstein) in 1858, first proposed the Law Of Black Body Radiation on this date? He went on to win the Nobel Prize for physics in 1918.
5) 1917: Which airport opened in Dallas? It served as the cities main hub until DFW opened in 1974.
6) 1921: Noite Sangrenta (Bloody Night), was a violent coup and revolution which claimed the lives of, among others, Prime Minister António Granjo and took place in which country?
7) 1950: Chinese troops cross the Yalu river and officially enter which conflict?
8) 1960: “El bloqueo” begins, making it illegal for US citizens and businesses to trade with which country?
9) 1987: The Dow Jones Industrial Average falls by 508 points, or 22% in a crash known as “Black” what?
10) 1944: Which Jamaican musician, singer and songwriter, known for his association with the band The Wailers and hits like “Get Up, Stand Up”, was born on this day?

QM Bill

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