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Well, it’s the fifteenth of February, and you know what that means… HALF PRICE CHOCOLATE!

To me, that alone makes fifteen a very special number. Still only ten questions this week, though.

1) Whose performance in 1940’s “Mrs Miniver” won her the 15th Best Actress Oscar?
2) Which city hosted the fifteenth Winter Olympic games?
3) Whose fifteenth studio album was 1983’s “Inarticulate Speech Of The Heart”?
4) Which US state was fifteenth to join the union, signing on in 1792? The state’s northern border was based on the flow of the Ohio river, and although the river’s course has meandered somewhat, the border remains unchanged.
5) “Men At Arms”, released in 1993 and set in the city of Ankh-Morpork, is the fifteenth full length novel in what long-running comic fantasy series?
6) Name any year during which Louis XV was King Of France.
7) How old was Lance Kerwin when he portrayed the title character James Hunter in “James At 15”?
8) What is the Fahrenheit equivalent of 15 degrees Celsius?
9) What recurring villain made his debut appearance in Amazing Spider-Man # 15 (volume 1) in 1964? In a 1987 six-issue story arc, the same villain apparently kills Spider-Man and assumes his place.
10) Who was Prime Minister Of Canada in 1915?

QM Bill

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