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In the UK ‘pants’ means underpants. They say ‘trousers’ for the outer garment. So if a Brit dares you to run around outside in just your pants, it may not be as mild a dare as you think. They also use ‘pants’ as a sort-of expletive, as in ‘that movie was terrible, it was total pants’. So if they say your outfit is totally pants, they don’t mean you forgot your shirt.

Also, they say ‘lorry’ for ‘truck’ and ‘wireless’ for ‘radio’. They should learn English, amirite?

1) What figure of Regency England is credited with popularizing the jacket- trousers-and-tie ensemble now commonly referred to as a suit?
2) What is the number of the style of Levi’s denim jeans referred to as the ‘original’ or the ‘historic’, a style that has remained essentially unchanged for over a century?
3) Which band hit the charts (although it didn’t hit them very hard) with “Bell Bottom Blues” in 1971?
4) Which Tsar issued a 1701 ruling that all Russians excluding clergymen and peasant farmers must wear trousers?
5) Referring to a loose-fitting knee-length trouser, from where did the French word ‘pantaloons’ derive?
6) Which island lends its name to a style of short trousers introduced by designer Sonja de Lennart in 1948 and usually worn by women?
7) In what year did the RCMP first allow women to wear trousers as part of a dress uniform? (you can have two years either way)
8) Which late-night comedian called his production company “Worldwide Pants Inc.”?
9) What series of young adult novels about a magical pair of jeans was penned by Ann Brashares?
10) What late professional golfer was commonly seen decked out in brightly-coloured short trousers similar to plus fours or knickerbockers?


QM Bill

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