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I like Sinatra, and Elvis, and the Beatles. I also like seventies rock, and eighties ‘retro’ stuff. And then the nineties came and I… stopped paying attention. I blame these guys.

So when I do a pop quiz, it tends to lean towards older pop. This quiz is to make up for that. Sorry old dudes.

1) Childish Gambino is the R&B/Rap performing persona adopted by which Golden Globe winning actor?
2) City And Colour is the one-man-band of which musician, also known for his affiliation with Alexisonfire?
3) Which two top-selling artists combined efforts on the single “Work” which spent nine weeks atop the Billboard list in 2016?
4) Which artist claimed both the number one and number two slots in Billboards year-end Hot 100 list for 2016?
5) Perhaps surprisingly, the top grossing concert tours in the last decade all feature older, established artists like Bruce Springsteen, Roger Waters and Madonna. Who are the only youngsters to make the list, with their 2014 “Where We Are” tour? When the tour ended, one of the five quite famously split from the band.
6) Canadian pop sensation Abel Tesfaye is better known under what stage-name?
7) Taylor Lautner, John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhall have all been romantically linked to which pop star?
8) Disturbed had a 2016 chart hit with a cover of what Simon & Garfunkel classic? (okay I had to get something old in there…)
9) Beyoncé canceled an appearance at which 2017 music festival due to her pregnancy?
10) What telecom company bought “Tidal” the streaming music service formerly owned by Jay-Z?

QM Bill

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