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Three letter words. Every Scrabble player’s second-best friend. Some of the most common words in our language have only three letters… ‘and’, ‘the’, ‘but’, ‘LSD’. But there are others which are less familiar.

The response to each clue below is a three letter word, either English, or at least legal in Scrabble.

Remember, if you know the answer, mum’s the word!

What three letter word is…

1) …a unit of currency in Albania?
2) …an application designed to search automatically for data and compile it for the user?
3) …a plant native to Africa, with leaves which are sometimes chewed as a stimulant drug?
4) …a family of birds known for swimming and diving? The ‘great’ variety is now extinct?
5) …a unit of illumination, defined as a single lumen per metre square?
6) …a baby newt?
7) …a small crumb or scrap of food, a morsel?
8) …a large green parrot?
9) …a slang term for cheating at dice?
10) …an honorific for a monk?

QM Bill

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