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With Stephen Colbert no longer playing his “Stephen Colbert” character, I thought someone should take up the mantle of keeping bears in the public eye.  Bears are dangerous, people.  They have claws, teeth and low-self esteem.  Watch out.

1) Who played Tight End for the Chicago Bears in their 1963 Championship Season, and also coached them to Super Bowl victory in 1985?
2) Which type of bear has the latinate appelation Ursus Arctos Middendorffi?
3) What is the real first name of TV action-adventure presenter Bear Grylls?
4) Of the constellations ‘Ursa Minor’ (‘little bear’) and ‘Ursa Major’ (‘big bear’), which one actually contains the star Polaris?
5) What was the name of the Polar Bear that lived in central Park in New York City from 1985 to 2013, and (being a New Yorker) was once prescribed Prozac?
6) What television role was portrayed by a bear named Bozo, on NBC from 1977-1978?
7) The Bruins is the official athletic nickname for teams from which major American university?
8) Which Shakespeare play contains the otherwise unexplained stage direction ‘exit, pursued by bear’?
9) What actor sang the song “Bear Necessities” in the Disney animated film “The Jungle Book”?
10) What golfer carried the nickname “The Golden Bear”?


QM Bill

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