(If you’re checking out a Trivialitycheck.com ‘Pop Quiz’ for the first time: Every Wednesday (or most, anyway) I post ten trivia questions, usually on some kind of theme. If you respond with answers or guesses, I’ll tell you your score. Send your answers to host@trivialitycheck.com with the title of this post as the subject line. The full set of answers is posted the following week, along with congratulations to the high scorer(s). No googling!)

Have I mentioned that my website is called “TRIVIALITYCHECK”? You can get there at TRIVIALITYCHECK.com, or TRIVIALITYCHECK.ca, or TRIVIALITYCHECK.org. I called it TRIVIALITYCHECK because I wanted people to think about trivia when they hear the name of my website, which is TRIVIALITYCHECK.


Got that firmly in your head now? Good, it’ll come in handy.

For each of the questions below, the answer is a word or phrase that can be spelled using only the letters in the name ‘trivialitycheck’. Letters can only be used more than once if they appear more than once in that name.

Ready? Here we go:

1) With vim and vigor, a word in an old Dr Pepper slogan
2) Kids who come home from school before their parents return from work
3) In journo-speak it’s the end of an article
4) From yiddish slang, to complain constantly, or someone who does so
5) A large swinging mirror in a frame, big enough to see your whole figure. Also, French for horse
6) Of or pertaining to eyelashes
7) Repeated word in an Ian Fleming title
8) A coniferous tree which nonetheless loses its leaves in the autumn
9) When paired with ‘Paranormal’, the title of six films so far
10) “My name is Elmer J Fudd, Millionaire. I own a mansion and a ____.”


QM Bill


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