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Marty McFly famously didn’t appreciate being called a chicken. Which probably would’ve prompted me to call him “Marty McChicken” a lot, ’cause why wouldn’t you? It wouldn’t have been an insult though. I loves me some chicken. Drumsticks, wings, thighs, breasts… I even like the body parts they don’t have, like fingers and … er … balls.

This quiz might not be as hard as pulling chicken teeth, but hopefully it’s a fun little diversion for you.

1) Although not 100% reliable, it’s usually the case that you can tell what colour egg a chicken will lay by looking at what part of its body?
2) In the 1966 film “The Ghost & Mr. Chicken” who played the character of Luther Heggs?
3) In the 1940’s, what was the name of the chicken that lived for eighteen months after being beheaded, and became a popular attraction at sideshows.?
4) The invention of which chicken dish is usually credited to Teressa Bellissimo of the Anchor Bar in Eastern New York state, in 1964?
5) Who voiced Rocky the Road Island Red in the 2000 stop-motion animated film Chicken Run?
6) What golfer caused controversy and lost corporate sponsors in 1997 when he suggested that Tiger Woods be told not to select fried chicken for the Masters Champions Dinner, “or collard greens or whatever the hell they serve”?
7) On a rooster, what part of the body can come in varieties which include Cushion, Pea, Rose, Strawberry and Horn?
8) What US fast-food chain specialing in chicken raised the ire of one large group and the appreciaton of another large group when it took an openly anti-same-sex-marriage stance in 2011 & 2012?
9)Founded in 1914, by what name has the Van Camp Seafood Company been known since a 1997 corporate takeover?
10) In what US state would you find the town of Chicken, considered to have 17 year-round inhabitants, and which claims to be ‘the last surviving gold-rush town’?


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