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World leaders are, of course, always in the news. Not always for the reasons they’d like, though. I’m sure Nixon would have appreciated a little more coverage of the creation of the EPA, and a little less coverage of the whole “rigging an election” thing.

Have you been keeping up to date on the antics of world leaders? Answer the questions below, and see if you have. All are recent* news items about national leaders.

*you know, within a few weeks, maybe a month. Or maybe a little longer. Recent.

1) When delivering a speech to UK Parliament in June, the Queen opted not to wear a crown, as she has in the past, but instead wore a blue hat, with an arrangement of blue flowers with yellow centres in a somewhat circular pattern. Many have speculated that it was a deliberate choice, as it strongly resembled what?
2) Donald Trump has had yet another brilliant idea. He has stated openly that in government administrative positions regarding the economy, he doesn’t want who?
3) What glaring omission did Justin Trudeau make in his Canada Day speech?
4) Despite allowing a free vote on the issue, German Chancellor Angela Merkel voted against the legalization of what recently? The measure passed regardless, with 63% in favour.
5) According to a recent Newsweek article, what world leader “spends most of his time eating cheese and plotting against the west.”
6) In a recent four-hour ‘marathon’ Q&A session, what world leader was asked “Why are you the only one who can fix our problems?”, “Have you taken revenge on Erdogan yet?” and “do you really think the people will believe this circus of fake questions?”
7) UK Prime Minister Theresa May, reeling from the unexpectedly poor results in her recent ‘snap’ election, has opted to form a partnership with an Irish political party known for arch-conservative, staunchly Christian political views. What is that party called?
8) Leo Varadkar has recently become the first openly gay Prime Minister of which nation?
9) Ana Brnabic has recently become the first openly gay Prime Minister of which nation?
10) Video of President Luis Guillermo Solis Rivera of Costa Rica has gone viral around the internet, as it shows him doing what during a press conference?

QM Bill

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