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Sort of general Geography round this week. For all you geography lovers. All both of you.

1) When measuring the distance from London, England to other U.K. destinations, what intersection is traditionally used as the starting point?
2) The Canary Islands are owned by Spain, but which mainland African nation is actually closest?
3) Which landlocked nation borders Ukraine and Romania, and no others?
4) In which two cities would you find unofficial “Mile Zero” markers for the Trans-Canada Highway (but no “Kilometre Zero” markers)?
5) Described as the “northernmost permanently inhabited place in the world”, in which Canadian Territory would you find Alert?
6) Sydney, Australia lies adjacent to the foothills of what major Australian mountain range?
7) Lake Kariba, the world’s largest man-made reservoir by volume, is caused by the Kariba Dam blocking the flow of what river?
8) What’s the English translation of the Spanish geographical term ‘bahia’, as in ‘Bahia de Cochinos’?
9) Iguazo Falls, the largest waterfall system in the world, are on the Iguazo river, which forms part of the border between which two South American countries?
10) If you land at Fa’a’a International Airport, near the town of Papeete, which island are you visiting?

QM Bill

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